Caprese Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Vegan Tomato Basil Bisque


Expecting a Lion

Love is on the air: Who is the Greatest TV Couple of All Time?

Doctor Who Better win

Unfortunate Events

I ended up eating meat. Though it saddens me, I know that there will be times when I fault. No matter! I can still keep this going strong through will power, determination and motivation!

In better news,I start the Couch to 5k today and I’m really excited. I’m gonna need a lot of motivation for this one, but once I get the hang of it, I should be good.

Wish me luck!

Day # 3 Life of a Veg Head

Today went SWELL! I had a vegetarian burrito (again, I guess baby steps right now ) from chipotle with Izze . T’was fantastic. The veg life isn’t really that difficult once you put your foot out their.

I’m not in mourning, I’m just filled with emotion

” It is this belief that made us who we were, but also many other things, all of them vital-
And all of the things that made us great were the very things that were going to end us-

Fiction. Friction. Creation. Destruction. Opposition. Aggression. Ambition. Heart. Hate. Courage. Spite. Beauty. Desperation. LOVE. Fear. Glamour. Weakness. Hope.


That last one is very important. My Chemical Romance had, built within its core, a fail-safe. A doomsday device, should certain events occur or cease occurring, would detonate. I shared knowledge of this “flaw” within weeks of its inception. 
Personally, I embraced it because, again, it made us perfect. A perfect machine, beautiful, yet self aware of it’s system. Under directive to terminate before it becomes compromised. To protect the idea- at all costs. This probably sounds like something ripped from the pages of a four-color comic book, and that’s the point.
No compromise. No surrender. No ****ing ****.

To me that’s rock and roll. And I believe in rock and roll.” – Gerard Way

All I can really say is that I loved this man more than I probably love myself and to some that probably sounds unsafe, or unhealthy. Well, it’s the truth. MCR was a very big, very important part in my life. Though I never made it seem like such a thing, I never made myself, visually look like a super fan, I never had a chance to go to any of their concerts. I didn’t have a lot of their merch, but I listened to their music. I listened to their words and their words spoke to me. They may not speak to a lot of people but they hit home for me. Especially songs from “The Black Parade”. I don’t care what you say, that entire album was THE album for me, and apparently a lot of the other fans as well. More importantly,”Famous Last Words” but that’s a whole other topic. 

You may just say, ” It’s just a band” but it’s not. It’s a life saver. That’s what music does it saves lives. It brings that little part of hope, that little voice that tells you, you can’t vanishes and all you can feel is what’s going through your headphones or your speakers. It’s the relief you get from screaming those lyrics at the top of your lungs and having NOTHING bring you day for that moment, that hour, that day or even forever. 

Most importantly, it’s not even the music, it’s the people and MCR has such a wonderful group of talented people. A talented family with a beautifully broken fanbase. An Army and MCRmy that is basically unstoppable even in their brokenness . However, me, personally, what I can take from My Chemical Romance, what I can take from Gerard is that it is okay to be different. It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be YOU and I will continue to live by the quote Gerard told us so long ago. 

“Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.”

Day #2 Being A Veg Head

Day #2 of Veg Head:
I thought I was doing well and I figured Black Bean Burrito from taco bell.
Never again. I can truly say that their “vegetarian” options are not vegetarian at all considering one of the ingredients for that burrito is “vegetarian chicken flavor”. Not too sure what that is, but I can’t go there anymore. In other news, I’m excited to start going shopping and getting a TON of things that will push me along. It’s all about the motivation and resisting temptation (so far I’m good at that ). Yesterday was considered day one because I didn’t eat all day yesterday (okay I had ice cream). I am currently looking into how ice cream fits into being a vegetarian also. So, hurray!

Also, the link to the Black Bean Burrito Ingredients are <a href=””&gt; here</a>

Road to Being a Veg Head

Day #1

My goal is to eventually become a vegan for many reasons. My love of animals goes a long way and I can’t take the image of a dead animal in my head when I eat meat. So be supportive and bear with me as I maintain this journey!

Quote Find No. 100

Nhan Fiction

“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

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What is God?

When someone sees the title “What is God?” they will probably think the logically and say “this is a God post” and probably scroll past it. It is, but I contemplated something the other day as far as misogyny  and giving items their own personal sex goes. When I read the bible I see the words “Father” and “He” often in relevance to God and it only makes me think. Who has seen God to know in fact what gender he is? Yes, we should look to him as a loving father, but also as a caring mother, since, God created us in his/her image. So pardon me if I seem a bit confused but, isn’t creation between two people? Of course that is as far as people go, but God is in fact a God, and there were no people with him. If you do read the Bible you will know that God made Adam out of dirt and Eve out of the rib of Adam.

Which, brings me to my solid question of what is God? I see him as the omnisexual. He is all sexes and no sex at the same time. God is a creator, the maker of humanity and not to be delegated or deemed with specific genders ( and races but that is a whole other story ).  In books like “The Shack” and “Crossroads” (W.P. Young) God is virtually anyone. In the Shack he was a prominent black woman, whereas in Crossroads he was a little girl. If we were to just imagine God as any person we are obliged to to so however our minds let us. I personally view God as a close friend to talk to ( it makes praying less awkward personally ). 

God is man and woman into one. As it says in Exodus 3: 14  “God said to Moses ‘I am, Who I Am'”… There is no gender specific. So the next time you’re in church and see/hear God being called a he just remember God is Who God is.

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