Beginning of the End!

December 21. 2012

 The publicly proclaimed end of the world. Fear being shown through thousands of hearts and minds as people slept thinking that they would awaken to mass hysteria and death around them. Unfortunately for them, they woke up the their everyday lives continuing, which only brings me to my first question: What were you going to do?

If the world would end, what were you going to do about it? Go back to the faith you ignored, find a faith to believe in and pray to God? Or would you have just accepted it knowing that you would go to heaven, or at least thinking you were.  Yes, we have the technology and capability to ” fight back”, but what exactly were we going to fight back against? These questions will continue to stick with me, but until something happens, I shall continue living my life for Christ. No matter how many false prophets come out and declare the end I will always know that no one knows the time or the day, and if the world were to end in my lifetime then I would wait for Jesus to return to the Earth and take his people. All his people, from the meek to the strong.  



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