More decisions.

After a long hard debate with myself, I realized what I wanted isn’t exactly what I want to do.

In college I thought I was so in love with something that that was going to be my life. Well it turns out that never is the case, just because you fancy something doesn’t mean that it will be an enjoyable, nor does it mean that you will want a career out of it. My passion for laying my instrument would have been a burden to me quick and I did not want it to be such. I also did not want to teach children about my passion and have my passion die. It would just result in me doing a sloppy job at teaching my students.

However, something that has always fascinated me was writing. I love writing. Just between you and I, I would sometimes write papers for other people because I loved writing so much. Hence my major in communications with a concentration in Journalism and maybe even a another major in Business – of course I’ll add my French in their somewhere.


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