What’s going on…

No I don’t care about your gun rights. Yes I understand guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But under no right do you say that it is your human right to own a gun. When your main thought is how you need to fight for your gun rights instead of mourning over kids who died because someone was not in their right mind and went to a elementary school and decided to shoot everything they saw is sickening. You an your gun can go elsewhere. That is not okay. We aren’t put on this earth to end other lives, we are here to support , move, motivate , inspire , teach , etc each other. 

Instead of trying to find something to fight about and try to make a scene out of the entire thing and trying to make it something more than it is, you need to pray. No child should be killed for anything. All you’re doing is taking away security and more importantly innocence.

I swear this world is spiraling out of control. We all need Jesus more than anything else.


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