To Be Burned Up with Beauty

Please note that I use a number of words in this entry that may be upsetting. Proceed with caution.

Generally, I’m against censorship. I don’t think there’s anything offensive about words like “fuck,” and I don’t think most curse words are somehow harmful to children. Once I was old enough to understand that curse words were only for adults, my mom said “fuck” all the time. I never repeated it.

I noticed that WordPress censored the title of a recent post on the Freshly Pressed page. The original title had the word “bitch” in it; the censored version replaced “bitch” with “complain.” I wouldn’t have clicked on the link had WordPress kept the original title. I don’t have a problem with most curse words, but I do have a problem with “bitch,” because it’s a gendered insult that enforces sexist ideas.

It’s one of the words that’s allowed on television…

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