Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have to leave the college campus that I have been staying at for the past semester. As heart-breaking as that is, I am also very excited to reunite with past friends. As I see it, you always leave old friends to make new friends, but you always go back to those old friends because those are the ones who leave so much. That may not be the case, but in my situation it is. I started off on a rough start, but eventually ended on such a positive note that it hurt to leave. all my emotions were kind of sliced- and- diced and put up for grabs as soon as I got on the bus to head to Tennessee – or if you’re a huge Monkees fan, I got on The Last Train to Clarksville. Of course to all my friends who I had the pleasure to meet, they will all be missed greatly, but there was one specific person who apparently loved me the most with all her fandom heart. My supposed ” lesbian lover” because we were just that darn close. So as she was signing my ” book of memories” I got on her facebook and posted this as her status:

“Hello, my name is Liz Howie and I am Dani’s almost best friend and I love her bunches. I’m leaving and she is sad but I’m pretty sure if she cries I will feel it because we are Siamese twins connected at the heart. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read? Yes, I know it is. Right now she is writing a letter and crying and she has basically lost the ability to even, but it’s whatever because she shouldn’t cry. The internet has given me the ability to skype her so she is a bum face for crying. But I’m just going to leave this dearly beloved message about how much I love her. I am Patrick and she is my Rock. She is the Squidward to my clarinet. She is my alleged lady lover and that’s okay because we’d be the foxiest thing on this planet. Our ship sails itself with friendship sails with a giant fortress of solitude of intense friendship feels. Oh what’s that? Did you hear that? It’s the sound of firecrackers exploding around our ship and each firecracker is a symbol of the nonsense that has come out of our mouths during late night conversations and pointless arguments that needed a sit down. Okay, she needs to do her homework, and I’m pretty sure she is going to get mad at how long this is taking and how many grammatical errors there are.”

She cried even more than when she was writing the heartfelt note. I think I have done justice. Image


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