Disney Princess And Villains – A New Look!

Karen K. Lee

Hey you guys!

I hope everyone’s Christmas/Holiday celebrations went well! I feel several pounds heavier, but it has been an enjoyable one! I was out Boxing Day shopping yesterday (and honestly, that could have been made into another blog post because there are so many comments that I have on the crazy consumerism that we see taking place on the 26th of December every year), and when I went to the Disney store, I noticed that they had beautiful Disney Villains stuff on sale! 

We all remember the evil stepmothers, the witches, and the scary old men that appear in Disney movies. In fact, they may not even have been human! Nothing comes to mind when I mention Disney’s villains? How about all the antagonists in each Disney Princess movie? Captain Hook? Scar from Lion King? Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians? Stromboli from Pinocchio? Hades from Hercules? The list goes…

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The Most Wonderful Time!

As Christmas comes around the corner, there is one thing that comes to mind.

“I’m not prepared!” 

It’s Christmas time and in lieu of the season, the stress will obviously be a lot to handle. Let’s not forget the yuletide family gatherings and the reminiscing of horrible life choices you have made this year.

So may the holidays be good to you all!

Mountain clouds

Negativity to Fuel

What is Time?

I once saw somewhere that the human race is the only species that handles time. Humans panic throughout the day trying to maintain a daily schedule of things that are laced with time restraints and deadlines. If you ever got the time to stop and stare at your surroundings, you’ll notice how many people are hurrying about. But if you ever look past it,  you’ll see how peaceful everything else is. Nature is a peaceful thing. Animals are careless and the plants go through their repetitive cycle. So I encourage everyone to at least try living a day without time and just see how simple your life can be.

Beginning of the End!

December 21. 2012

 The publicly proclaimed end of the world. Fear being shown through thousands of hearts and minds as people slept thinking that they would awaken to mass hysteria and death around them. Unfortunately for them, they woke up the their everyday lives continuing, which only brings me to my first question: What were you going to do?

If the world would end, what were you going to do about it? Go back to the faith you ignored, find a faith to believe in and pray to God? Or would you have just accepted it knowing that you would go to heaven, or at least thinking you were.  Yes, we have the technology and capability to ” fight back”, but what exactly were we going to fight back against? These questions will continue to stick with me, but until something happens, I shall continue living my life for Christ. No matter how many false prophets come out and declare the end I will always know that no one knows the time or the day, and if the world were to end in my lifetime then I would wait for Jesus to return to the Earth and take his people. All his people, from the meek to the strong.  


A Riff on What I Read (And Didn’t Read) in 2012

This looks spendid



I didn’t really read that many new books—by which I mean books published in 2012—this year.

The highlight of the new books I did read was Chris Ware’s Building Stories, the moving story of the lives of several people (and a bee!) who live in the titular building (and other places. And other buildings. Look, it’s difficult to describe). Building Stories is a strange loop, a collection of 14+ elements (the big box it comes in is part of the puzzle) that allows the reader to reconstruct the narratives in different layers.

I also really dug the second installment of Charles Burns’s trilogy, TheHive; Burns and Ware are two of the most talented American writers working right now, suggesting that some of the most exciting stuff happening in American literature is happening in comic books.

Speaking of second installments in ongoing trilogies, I also listened to

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Novel blog!

I shall be writing and I have a separate blog dedicated to it!



Now that I have thought long and hard about it, I want to start writing a novel. In my mind, there is still a huge wave of doubt, but once I start, I’m guaranteed not to stop. I have always wanted to write a story, published or not – it’s a goal. 

Now I shall do just that and there is nothing holding me back from it.

Off to brainstorm and cry!

24 killed in Iraq attacks

This Just In

At least 24 people have been killed in a series of attacks across Iraq today. The violence included a bomb at a car auction in Baghdad that killed 11, a car bombing in the capital that killed one person, and attacks in northern villages that killed another dozen people.

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